Rudolf Scitovski

Full Professor

Research interests:

Numerical and applied mathematics – especially least squares and least absolute deviationsons problems, clustering and applications, global optimization

Recent Publications:

  1. R. Scitovski, A new global optimization method for a symmetric Lipschitz continuous function and the application to searching for a globally optimal partition of a one-dimensional set, Journal of Global Optimization (2017), prihvaćen za objavljivanje
  2. G. Asencio-Cortés, S. Scitovski, R. Scitovski, F. Martínez-Álvarez, Temporal analysis of Croatian seismogenic zones to improve eartquake magnitude prediction, Earth Science Informatics (2017), prihvaćen za objavljivanje
  3. R. Grbić, D. Grahovac, R. Scitovski, A method for solving the multiple ellipses detection problem, Pattern Recognition 60 (2016), 824-834
  4. R. Scitovski, I. Vidović, D. Bajer, A new fast fuzzy partitioning algorithm, Expert systems with applications 51 (2016), 143-150
  5. Ž. Turkalj, D. Markulak, S. Singer, R. Scitovski, Research project grouping and ranking by using adaptive Mahalanobis clustering, Croatian Operational Research Review 7 (2016), 81-96
  6. K. Sabo, R. Scitovski, An approach to cluster separability in a partition, Information Sciences 305 (2015), 208-218
  7. R. Scitovski, T. Marošević, Multiple circle detection based on center-based clustering, Pattern Recognition Letters 52 (2015), 9-16
  8. T. Marošević, R. Scitovski, Multiple ellipse fitting by center-based clustering, Croatian Operational Research Review 6/1 (2015), 43-53
  9. A. Morales-Esteban, F. Martínez-Álvarez, S. Scitovski, R. Scitovski, A fast partitioning algorithm using adaptive Mahalanobis clustering with application to seismic zoning, Computers & Geosciences 73 (2014), 132-141
  10. I. Vidović, D. Bajer, R. Scitovski, A new fusion algorithm for fuzzy clustering, Croatian Operational Research Review 5/2 (2014), 149-159

Selected Publications: