Domagoj Matijević

Associate Professor

Research interests:

Combinatorial Optimization, Computational Geometry, Approximation Algorithms

Recent Publications:

[1] S. Funke, T. Malamatos, D. Matijević, N. Wolpert, Conic nearest neighbor queries and approximate Voronoi diagrams, Computational Geometry – Theory and Applications 48/2 (2015), 76-86
[2] K. Elbassioni, D. Matijević, D. Ševerdija, Guarding 1.5D Terrains with Demands, International Journal of Computer Mathematics 89/16 (2012), 2143-2151
[3] K. Elbassioni, S. Jelić, D. Matijević, The relation of Connected Set Cover and Group Steiner Tree, Theoretical Computer Science 438 (2012), 96-101

Selected Publications:

[1] R. Beier, S. Funke, D. Matijević, P. Sanders, Energy-Efficient Paths In Radio Networks, Algorithmica 61/2 (2011), 289-319
[2] K. Elbassioni, E. Krohn, D. Matijević, J. Mestre, D. Ševerdija, Improved Approximations for Guarding 1.5-Dimensional Terrains, Algorithmica 60/2 (2011), 451-463
[3] D. Matijević, R. Osbild, Finding the Theta-Guarded Region, Computational Geometry – Theory and Applications 43/2 (2010), 207-218.
[4] H. Bast, S. Funke, D. Matijevic , „TRANSIT: Ultrafast Shortest-Path Queries with Linear-Time PreprocessingThe Shortest Path Problem: Ninth DIMACS Implementation Challenge, pp. 175–192, AMS, 2009
[5] Friedrich Eisenbrand, Stefan Funke, Andreas Karrenbauer, Domagoj Matijević, „Energy-Aware Stage Illumination“, International Journal of Computational Geometry and Applications (IJCGA), 18/1-2:107-129, 2008