The most complete implementation of undergraduate studies in computer science in Croatia.


About the study

Undergraduate Computer Science program at the Department of Mathematics, University of Josip Juraj Strossmayer in Osijek is the most complete implementation of undergraduate computer science program in Croatia. It combines the knowledge and skills of mathematics and computer science at its best, with the special emphasis on the interdisciplinary fields such as Control theory and Machine learning, as well as of algorithmics aspects to different fields, such as Bioinformatics or  Computational Linguistics.

Scheduled duration of study:
3 years/ 6 semesters, 180 ECTS credits

Academic title acquired upon completion of study:  
bachelor of Mathematics and Computer Science (univ. bacc. math. et comp.)

Study Programme

*ECTS = amount of work-load, 1 ETCS = 30 study hours.
*ECTS = amount of work-load, 1 ETCS = 30 study hours.

Winter Semester

M090Ordinary Differential Equations6
I057Web Programming8
M089Numerical Mathematics6
I052Software Engineering6
Elective Courses4

Summer Semester

M096Machine Learning7
I058Final Project8
Z007Final Paper2
Elective Courses13
*ECTS = amount of work-load, 1 ETCS = 30 study hours.
*ECTS = amount of work-load, 1 ETCS = 30 study hours.

Teaching staff


Mirta Benšić

Probability and Mathematical Statistics Research Group

Rebeka Čorić

Computer Science Research Group

Luka Borozan

Copmuter Science Research Group

Rudolf Scitovski

Numerical Mathematics Research Group

Cooperation with local IT sector

New and modern study programme Mathematics and Computer Science is developed in cooperation with companies which are members od Osijek Software City association as a product of cooperation of Computer Science Research Group at the Department of Mathematics and the association over many years. The goal of new study programme is educating students who will be better prepared for working in IT sector, the field of work which is maybe the fastest growing field of industry in Republic of Croatia.

Osijek Software City